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Our Forever Hero 

Marty Moates was a friend of ours. That did not makes us unique or special, because Marty was a friend to virtually everyone that knew him. What made us feel unique and special was the spirit that was the essence of Marty Moates.
He'd take time to call just to say hi. When he asked how you were doing, he actually wanted to know. He'd share his upbeat take on life
when you needed it the most and best of all, he would let you get close emotionally.
That is a rare commodity in today's world.
He was tough as leather on the outside, a real man's man but at the core of his soul he was as genuine and caring as they come.
In his 50 years he has touched many, inspired even more and he will forever be our hero.

A hero we will have to learn to live without for now, through the great memories and heartfelt moments that made up his life.
We miss you Marty and love you even more.

Brad Zimmerman

This website exists to share memories, feelings and celebrate the life of Marty Moates.

We are currently putting together photos and memories from some of the many people who have been touched by Marty.To contribute your photos and memories, please send an email to: Rick@vintageiron.com (Please use Marty Moates in the subject line.)